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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grand palace travel and tour - Google Bookmarks

Grand palace travel and tour - Google Bookmarks

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Biggest Buddha Statues in Thailand

              Wat muang angthong, Biggest Buddha Statues in Thailand

Wat muang angthong, Angthong means a golden bowl, angthong  is one of the central province of changwat  only 1/12 hour drive from Bangkok next to phranakhon si ayutthaya province. wat muang temple is one of interesting place to visit, if you travel in the middle of highway go along highway Ang thong wiset chai chan route  a mesmerizing gigantic Buddha  which is located and surrounded by greenery rice field that captures your eyes attention, Phra Buddha mahanawin  is the largest Buddha statues in Thailand 95 meters tall the compound has comprises of museum houses the largest silver holy Buddha image, different decorated figures of renowned monks all over the country and exhibiting sacred objects.

                                       The biggest Buddha statues in Thailand a 95 meters tall

Serene beauty of greenery  rice field, a breathtaking spot.  This is the Entry road going to the Temple, the distance is about few meters from the main road. if plan to visit this Temple drive along  Muang Wiset Chai Chan,  its very easy to spot this big Buddha across chan wiset road.   Muang Wiset chai chan  a small province located on noi river,in low lying land of chao phraya river at Tambon huatapan, about 2 kilometers from Chan wiset chai harn road, 8 kilometers from downtown angthong, 40 minutes drive from Ayutthaya historical site, and more than 108 kilometers or 2 hours drive from  Bangkok.