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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grand palace travel and tour - Google Bookmarks

Grand palace travel and tour - Google Bookmarks

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Biggest Buddha Statues in Thailand

                      wat muang angthong

Wat muang angthong, Angthong means a Golden Bowl, Angthong  is one of a lovely central province of changwat  only 1/12 hour drive from Bangkok next to phranakhon si ayutthaya province wat muang temple is one of interesting place to visit, if you travelled in the middle of highway go along highway Ang thong wiset Chai Chan Route,   a Mesmerizing Gigantic Buddha  sets in the Middle  and Surrounded by Greenery rice field, it has tectonic mirage of charm , unsurpassed beauty of rural settings   that captures your eyes attention Phra Buddha Mahanawin  is the largest Buddha statues in Thailand. measuring  92 meters tall the compound comprises of museum  houses the largest silver holy Buddha image, and several of different decorated important Religious figures, renowned monks all over the country and exhibiting sacred objects outside the compound and there's a Theme park  exhibited sculptures the versions of Buddhist where all the sinners in hell.

worshippers and Devotees Theravada Buddhism followers, are always pay respect to Lord Buddha some of them often to visit this Temple 2 times a week, many of these worshippers are walk around and circled the Buddha  3 times, and place lotus flower on its palm,  and walk  without sleepers and shoes on. 

The majority of devotees in this Theravada Temple are often  touch the  Shakyamuni Buddha Finger pointing down to earth ,  it represent open handed generosity and granting wishes, it believed that the lord Buddha  touch your finger, it will enlighten you and brings you good luck.


                                       The Biggest Buddha statues in Thailand a 95 meters tall.

Big Buddha in Thailand as i observed watching  Lord  Buddha statues sitting in a single lotus throne position " earth Touching Buddha"  in the middle of rice field so captivating the panoramic vistas, as the natural scenery and a dotted large greenery  lawn, big tress are only half level of its sizes to statues. it has unique features of the landscape, and this are so special at wat muang Angthong.

This Temple Compound  has a  Theme park, exhibited sculptures the versions of Buddhist where all the sinners in hell, and there's a  various of  re enactment statues, depicting of Demons with sharpen sticks, adulterers, are force to climb up on trees of pain spikes, fighting Demons and Angels statues, figures Narrating the History of Depicting a Thai Burmese battle, the other side have various Chinese goddesses statues.

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